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Whole Body Cryotherapy


Whole Body Cryotherapy involves exposing the body to cold temperatures for a short duration in order to reduce pain and inflammation, promote muscle recovery, and achieve enhanced health and wellness. Numerous studies and clients have reported the following benefits:

  • Decreased muscle soreness and pain
  • Increased energy
  • Increased collagen production 
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • Hours of increased metabolic rate

Localized Cryotherapy


Localized Cryotherapy is used to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling in targeted areas, some of the most common areas include; shoulder, elbow, wrist, lower back, upper back, knee, and ankle. More powerful and efficient than "icing," clients can realize benefits in just minutes, compared to hours. Benefits include:

  • Analgesic Properties
  • Decreased Edemas
  • Improved Blood Circulation
  • Increased Recovery Time
  • Relief From Pain
  • Decreased Inflammation



Cryoskin is a non-invasive, body contouring treatment from Paris that is used for slimming, cellulite reduction, and toning. 

CryoSlimming uses the science of cryolipolysis (cell death) through the concentrated application of heat and cold to destroy fat cells. 

CryoToning helps improve microcirculation and speed up metabolism, which results in higher collagen production. This helps reduce cellulite and improve fine lines and wrinkles.

Studies have shown up to 45% fat loss from 3-6 sessions!

LED Light Therapy


The blue light penetrates through the epidermis and kills acne-causing bacteria. Red light goes into the dermal layer, which promotes collagen and elastin production that will improve skin tone and texture. The near-infrared light penetrates the deepest to increase micro-circulation and tissue repair and decreases inflammation and pain.

Compression Therapy


Intermittent, dynamic pneumatic compression is a proven way of improving blood circulation and driving higher volumes of healthy, filtered, and oxygen-rich blood to your muscles as they rebuild. This cycle of patterned compression through the different chambers of the device enhances blood flow to the muscles, encourages lymphatic drainage, and accelerates the removal of fluids such as lactic acid and metabolites. The dynamic compression reduces swelling and inflammation, mitigates stiffness and facilitates greater protein absorption in the muscles.

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